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Public Buildings and Spaces

June 3, 2012

By Ray Rauscher

May 2012

Public Buildings and Spaces is a collection of photos showcasing Sydney’s diversity of spaces designed into some of the public building in and around the city precincts and surrounding inner suburbs.

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Autumn in Inner Sydney

May 27, 2012

As Ray Rauscher continues to gather material for his Visions of Inner Sydney project, we are fortunate to have hime share some of his recent work.

These shots are a small part of recent work done by Ray in the Inner Sydney area. The photos were taken in the picturesque parts of the inner eastern Sydney suburbs in May 2012. This is right in the middle of Autumn in Australia.

Throughout this May up until the last few days of the month, we have had no rain, ensuring beautiful blue skies similar to the one when these magnificent shots were take. In fact, this month of May is the dryest recorded May in the Sydney region ever.

Here are Dr. Ray Rauscher”s recent collection of an Autumn day in Sydney 2012. The photographs are taken in Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo, Paddington, East Sydney and Kings Cross

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Introduction to Visions of Inner Sydney by Dr Ray Rauscher

March 21, 2012

The project is to bring together a montage of visions from inner Sydney. To attempt to interpret and categorise vistas and architectural feature of the built landscape and gain an interpretation of the character of the social and aesthetic aspects of these unique to Australian places. The categories include, wall art, the domestic residence and its metamorphosis and well as the metamorphosis of larger building. The old and the new, the change and the static parts of the inner city are attempted to be interpreted by photographic expression.


















































Dr Ray Rauscher, a founding member of the Habitat Association for the Arts and Environment has spent years gathering material for this project. It is a project he hopes will become a major work in the interpretation of inner city landscapes. He hopes it will help Town planners across the world to interpret change and adaptation of the old into the new in terms of landscapes. He also hopes the photographs to be fun for the viewer. Dr. Rauscher, now retired, has hundreds of photographs ready to be published and is looking for a suitable town planning student or student of architecture interested in helping to get this important information into a form for publication.